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hello! my name is ender. i'm a queer + poc artist who is interested in comics, animation, and game design.here, you'll find links to my portfolio, Ko-Fi, Etsy, and social media.

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To see the the collaborative work I make with my project group, see our website at SlimefiishProductions.carrd.co

I've been in, and hosted, a few different projects. Here are the most notable!

The Genius and Influence of the Homestuck OST

In June of 2022 my partner, Windy, and I created a 50 minute convention panel for Stuck at Home Con, the yearly online Homestuck Convention.The video documentary discusses the Homestuck OST in detail, touching on music theory aspects and recognizing individual artists and musicians in the franchise. The music of visual media, such as video games, is an incredibly important part of the art world that we feel is often overlooked, so we aimed to highlight the music of Homestuck and the talented artists who composed all of it.This video was created under a strict deadline of June 16th, and premiered during the online convention on that day. Rather than a live convention panel, we created it in a fully edited YouTube documentary format to keep it watchable after the convention, and to be as clear, concise and educational as possible.

(Left) Banner created for the SaHCon 2022 VRChat world.(Upper Right) SaHCon 2022 digital panel badge by Paperseverywhere(Lower Right) Transcription of Doctor from Homestuck by Windy, as part of the video.

I wrote half of the script and did the video editing, while Windy wrote the music theory sections and did all of the technical breakdowns.You can watch the full panel here, and support Stuck at Home Con here!

The Happiest Day Zine

From summer-fall of 2021, my friend moonyfishh and I ran and organized the Happiest Day Zine in our partnered collaboration project hub,
Slimefiish Productions.
From our Carrd “Happiest Day is a fan-made zine paying tribute to the first story arc of Five Nights at Freddy's. The zine will cover content from FNAF1 to UCN.The purpose of the zine is to celebrate the past (nearly!) 7 years of the franchise in preparation for the release of FNAF: Security Breach!The focus of the zine is to summarize the story of FNAF in creative art pieces, cosplay, writing, and whatever else contributors want to create. Pieces will be arranged in chronological order, starting from FNAF1, and ending with UCN.”This was our first time running a zine. You can visit our Tumblr here to see all of the art previews and other posts we made. We created art to promote the application form, and got way more applicants than we had ever hoped! We gave the applicants until August 10th to finish their pieces, and we released the zine on August 18th, 2021.

We did merch sales as well, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Trans Women of Color Collective. Our first merchandise drop released on July 15th, with the second released on August 18th along with the full zine on itch.ioWe had a stretch goal of $300 to unlock physical copies of the zine, which we did! Physical book merchandise bundles were sold alongside the previous items from the July 15th release.TOTAL AMOUNT DONATED: $481.27Preorders ended October 31, 2021, with shipping and delivery in January 2022.

You can visit the itch.io page at https://enderslime.itch.io/the-happiest-day-zine.I am incredibly proud of all of the page and merchandise artists involved in this project, and I’m so glad I took the time to bring my idea to life. Enjoying a piece of media made by a bigoted creator can be difficult, and I'm incredibly happy we were able to do something positive with this franchise.Thank you so much for reading!


"Out of Game" is my Homestuck fanadventure hosted on MSPaint Fan Adventures.The plot synopsis from MSPFA:"A story about some trolls on their planet, an alien that crash lands in their backyard, and the hijinks that ensue. Follow along as they run from the cops, explore their corrupt and failing city, suppress homosexual feelings, and figure out a way to get their alien friend back home.Out of Game takes place in the same universe as another MSPFA, SAVE: Game. It is recommended to read both, but it is not required to understand either of them."It is a very self indulgent comic, featuring self-insert OCs from various media that I enjoy and taking inspiration from many other games/comics and my own experiences. The comic will feature different art styles, lots of worldbuilding, and animated sections as I learn more about the different skills I want to pursue in the field of Making Things.The comic is one-half of a pair. The other comic, "SAVE: Game", takes place in the same 'universe' and features a similar cast of characters. Reading both is not required, but recommended to gain the full experience of the story, as they are both heavily connected.